Saturday, September 4, 2010

Advocating for Precious Lives

UPDATE 9/16/10:  You can view a video of Gage by clicking HERE!

I need your help advocating for several precious lives.  Lives that are at great risk right now.  Lives that if someone doesn't step in FAST, these precious lives are in danger of no longer be lived here on earth.  These children need your prayers and your advocacy.  Thanks for answering His call to care for orphans.  Your prayers are powerful, your advocacy raises awareness for lives of little ones who are PRECIOUS in His sight.  Thank you!

1.  The first life is that of an unborn child who is scheduled to be aborted this Wednesday, September 8.  The baby is about 17-18 weeks in utero, and this precious little one has an adoptive family already waiting to unconditionally love and cherish this chosen baby.  If you'd like to sign up to pray and intercede for this baby's life, please contact Melissa at  Melissa is organizing a round-the-clock prayer chain to intercede for this precious life.
Update 9/16/10:  Baby Mercy is a GIRL and birth mom is not aborting her!  Praise God for His mercy and keep birth mom in your prayers.
2.  Gage. BOY, born November 26, 2005 SIGNIFICANT RISK, PLEASE ADOPT ME SOON!! Gage is a very intelligent, happy, and affectionate young man! 

Click HERE to learn more about me!  I'll be turning 5 this year, the day after the American Thanksgiving, in my orphanage in Eastern Europe.  I don't have much to be thankful about since I will be moved to an institution (where I will die) just after my 5th birthday if someone doesn't commit to adopting me right now.  I have a $4,500 grant toward my adoption, and people who have met me say I'm a ray of sunshine, a bundle of joy, precious and full of lifePlease somebody, please help me!!!

And click HERE to see a video of me!!!  (update added 9/16/10)

3Mason.  BOY, born Born March 14, 2007. Mason is an orphanage favorite!! Isn't he darling?

Click HERE to learn more about me!  I'm in the same orphanage as Gage where we've lived like brothers together.  Gage is almost 5 and I'm 3.  Perfect ages to be forever brothers!  We can even be adopted together, and we both have sizable grants!  Oh please won't someone choose us?!?  God has promised me He won't leave me as an orphan.  (Mark 14:18)  Who will answer His call?

4Sandra.  Girl, born June 22, 2006.  Look how precious this blonde-haired, brown-eyed cutie is!

Click HERE to learn more about me.  I just turned 4.  I'm in the same orphanage as Gage and Mason and we could all be adopted together if there's a family out there who would like to adopt 3 cuties and save our lives forever.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a 3, 4 and 5 year old?!?  Of course, we can all be adopted individually, too.  We just need a forever family.  Could I belong to you?

5Sutton.  Boy, born July 9, 2009.  Good gracious, what a GORGEOUS child!!!

Click HERE to learn more about me.  I just turned ONE year old, and I really need a forever family to save my life.  I'm in Eastern Europe, but not in the same orphanage as the other kids listed above.  So, I really  need a family who wants a precious baby boy because God tells me I'm precious.  Do you agree?

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