Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kisses FOR Chrissie

Chrissie's 5th birthday is October 8. I've been trying to figure out how to celebrate this day. I had really wanted to throw a princess ball to raise funds for orphans in Chrissie's memory, but my mind hasn't been organized (or available!) enough to get that together.

October 8th is going to be a hard day for us. I think I've been wanting to pretend that it's not going to happen or that we could just "ignore" that day and not notice that we should be having a big birthday party with our Chrissie on that day. Since I know this day is inevitable, I've been praying and brainstorming ways we can celebrate Chrissie's special day. Our family has tickets to attend A Night With the Chapmans (Steven Curtis Chapman) on Oct. 7, so I know that will be another facet to our healing and the beginning to celebrating Chrissie's birthday.

But what about October 8? That's the special day. That's the day I'm concerned about.

God gave me an idea as I prayed and pondered His precious rainbow gifts to us Wednesday. There's so much that God has been teaching me about Heaven and earth and our relationship with Chrissie, how He's using Chrissie in Heaven, etc. One of the ways that I believe God is using Chrissie in Heaven is that she's interceding for orphans to unite them with forever families.

Stay with me...I'm getting around to how this relates to Chrissie's birthday celebration.

Chrissie sent us kisses from Heaven when the double rainbow stretched over Wimberley on Wednesday.

Let's send kisses back to Chrissie by making an eternal difference in the life of an orphan.  Not just any orphan.  An orphan who has very little chance of being adopted.  An orphan who desperately wants and needs to be CHOSEN.  Just like Chrissie desperately wanted and needed to be chosen.

I blogged about sweet Yulia on Wednesday and asked you all to donate, pray and spread the word about her in order to help her find her forever family. I am so excited to report that over $12,000 has been raised for Yulia in just TWO DAYS!!! Praise God, for He is GOOD! This is AMAZING, truly amazing.

But more must be done. Yulia needs atleast $25,000 to fully fund her adoption. And she needs a ton of prayer, asking God to unite Yulia with her forever family.

In memory of Chrissie's 5th birthday, I would like to ask YOU to help us celebrate by helping Yulia in honor/memory of Chrissie.

Changing Yulia's life forever would be the very best gift we could possibly give to Chrissie in celebration of her 5th birthday!!! I know God will allow Chrissie to see and receive this gift from her earthly family and friends. I can only imagine the smiles Chrissie will have on October 8th as she listens to us sing her happy birthday and tell her about how much money has been donated to save Yulia. And wouldn't it be AMAZING if we could send Chrissie the most amazing birthday gift ever...the news that a family committed to adopting Yulia?!? Would you please pray with me that God will speak directly and boldly to the family He has already chosen to be Yulia's forever family and that they would be joyfully obedient to His call?!? And would you please consider donating to Yulia's "Rescue" fund as a birthday gift to Chrissie? I truly cannot think of a better birthday gift for Chrissie than saving Yulia's life.

Would you please help us celebrate Chrissie's 5th birthday?!?
Click on the Chip-In to donate!
Pray for Yulia to be united with her forever family.
Spread the word!

Be sure to leave a comment on this blog post so we can read every comment to Chrissie on her birthday October 8!!!

Don't forget you'll be entered to win a FREE iPad if you donate via the ChipIn.  Any amount helps and any amount qualifies you for the iPad giveaway.

Yulia's life is precious in His sight.  Please make a difference in the life of a child.  Chrissie will be so excited!

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