Saturday, August 14, 2010

Report from Navarre Beach

Since I asked you all to pray for our vacation, I thought I'd give you an update from Navarre Beach.  (I had hoped to update sooner, but we've been blessed with tons wonderful family time from sun up til way past sun down!)  Today is a rainy day at Navarre Beach, and Matt is taking the boys to buy some fishing bait and get geared up for fishing.  The girls are all still asleep (except for me), so I hopped back in to bed with my laptop to quickly send you all an update.

Matt informed me this morning that the Navarre Beach weather forecast shows 80% chance of rain for the entire time that we will be here.  Isn't that just like Satan to try to rain on our parade?!?  My friend, Lisa (whose parents own this house), told me that even when the forecast shows rain, it doesn't usually rain on the beach itself. 

The winds have been extremely high since we've been here.  I believe today is still a red flag wind day, but the surf looks a little more calm than the prior 2 days, with maybe 8 foot tall waves instead of 10-12 foot waves.  The extremely high winds create monster 10-12 foot tall waves, which bring huge smiles to our kids' faces, as their bodies are beaten up repeatedly by the forceful tide.  Yesterday, after several hours of waves crashing down upon all of our bodies, as we were turned into surf ragdolls, we all decided to call it a day and head into the house for a long nap, then we ate at a local seafood restaurant, then a trip to Wal-Mart to stock up on necessities, then cookies at home followed by a Christian family movie.  Heaven!

This sign was in the seafood restaurant that we ate at last night.

While the raging seas are lots of fun (for a while!), we'd really love to see sunny skies and a calm beach with rolling waves.  Would you join us in prayer that we would be blessed with "perfect" weather for this amazing beach vacation?

I know God will continue to bless us with wonderful family time, regardless of how the weather turns out.  (I bet my sister is laughing right now because it seems like every single time we travel, we end up having some crazy weather story...or some other crazy mishap...yep, just about every single time!)  But, in the end, we always have good family time with lots of funny stories and wonderful memories to treasure.  Thank you, God, for our many blessings!

Here are some photos of our vacation so far:
Driving across Pensacola Bay, heading to Navarre, Thursday, Aug. 12.

That's Navarre on the right.  I took the photo from the RV as we drove across the Pensacola Bay bridge.

Here's Daddy, our fearless leader and chauffeur driver, after driving for 2 days to get us to the beach.  We left Wednesday, Aug. 11, at around 4PM.  The RV generator (which runs the air conditioner and refrigerator (everything electric in the RV) went out about 30 minutes after we left, so Daddy stopped at a truck stop (Buc-ee's Beaver store) on I-10 near Gonzales, Texas, to work on the generator.  I should have taken photos, but I refrained. :-)  Daddy prayed with us all, asking God to protect us from Satan's attacks and help him fix the generator, and after about an hour of working, God and Daddy got it going again!  WOOHOO!  We drove until about 1AMish, and then we slept in the RV until Daddy got up (early Thursday morning, Aug. 12) and took off driving again while everyone slept in their beds on the go!  What a blessing to have an RV full of sleeping kiddos while we drove to Florida!  We stopped at Wendy's for lunch in Florida (can't recall which city) and arrived at the amazing beach house at around 2PM, Thursday, Aug. 12.

Daddy's co-pilots.  Smiling kids! :-)

Old faithful!  It started pouring right after we got everything unloaded at the beach house. Sweet victory!  Thank you, God!

The Harrell's Beach's FABULOUS!!!

The view from one of the master bedrooms!  I didn't even go on the balcony for this photo since it was raining.  I took it right through the window.  Isn't it an amazing view?!?  We wake up to this!)  Thank you God!  This is exactly what our family needed!

The girls are sharing the cutest bedroom! 

Sawyer and Asher are the kings of this room.  (Although Parker missed his brothers and decided to sleep with them!)  There were 3 in the bed and the little one said...

The game room.  Oh, this place is such a blessing!!!

The family room overlooks the beach.  So beautiful!

The private boardwalk that leads to the gorgeous, secluded, white sand (like sugar!) beach!
Parker and Kiefer were napping when I took this photo.  After we got everything unloaded on Thursday, Daddy, Parker and Kiefer all took a nap while the rest of us walked down to the beach.  Naomi and Meribeth didn't even put on their swimsuits because it had been raining and they were sure they wouldn't want to get it, but the surf began calling their names just as soon as we stepped foot on the sand!

Naomi's first trip to the beach!

Mattie praising God for His glory!

Smiley Meribeth!

Sawyer couldn't stay out of the ocean long enough for me to take an individual photo on the sand!

Asher is putting some competition into the mix for the smiliest kid award! :-)

And here they all go...clothes and all!  It's hard to resist this beautiful beach!  Thank you, God, for your glorious creation and the generosity of The Harrells!

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