Saturday, August 14, 2010

Please be a Blessing!

Remember Rachael, the sweet lady who created the Boss Your Heart necklaces in honor of Chrissie (which ended up being in her memory)?  Well, her husband is a pastor, and he's entered a contest that could win them $10,000 for their church as well as $10,000 for their family.  And they could really use this money!  They stepped out in faith and obedience as God called them to start this church.  They are living on faith...literally.  And Rachael chose to give the proceeds from all of the Boss Your Heart necklaces to our family!  Her donation to our family came at a time when we really need it, too.  Isn't that just like God?  He is so faithful in providing for our needs, and Rachael blessed our family greatly in many amazing ways.

Did you know that Rachael FLEW in to Austin for Chrissie's celebration of life ceremony, drove to our house and delivered a Boss Your Heart necklace to every one of The Patterson girls (including Emily, Samantha and Stephanie Hall) as well as Chrissie's grandmas, too?!?  Rachael gave us all these necklaces.  She didn't charge us a dime, and she hand-delivered them!  And then on top of that, she gave us all of the proceeds from all of the Boss Your Heart necklaces that she made in memory of Chrissie, which was almost $2000!!!  WOW!

Would you please help me to bless Rachael and her family?  All you have to do is click HERE to view Rachael's hubby singing a song on YouTube.  The  more times you click to view it, the more chance they have of winning the contest.  (It's my understanding that the winner will be chosen based upon the number of times the video is viewed on YouTube.)

Your support is greatly appreciated!  It will only take a minute (or 5 if you view the whole video)!  Don't delay...go watch the video in support of Rachael and the blessing she has been to our family and the role she's played in keeping Chrissie's legacy alive with the Boss Your Heart necklaces!

Thank you!

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