Friday, August 20, 2010

Florida in Pics, Day 3 of Our Vacation

I took this photo from the bedroom balcony.  The guys were fishing on the beach, but they only caught BIG seaweed clumps.  There was a TON of seaweed in the ocean, but it didn't slow anyone down.  (Well, it sent Parker running to the outdoor shower a few times when his swim trunks filled with seaweed and he had an allergic reaction a few times.  OUCH! :-)

Asher taking the fishing bucket down the stairs and out to the beach.

Mattie and Naomi.  Forever Sisters.

Sawyer and Naomi boogie-boarding.
Warning:  There will be a ton of boogie-boarding photos...this was a red flag day, which meant big waves and lots of boogie-boarding!


Meribeth (left), Mattie (right)

Naomi LOVED boogie-boarding!

Love that smile, Naomi! :-)

Mattie crashed into Meribeth with the forceful waves!

Sawyer ridin' a wave.

Love this brown-eyed boy!

Mattie rode her wave all the way to shore, and the forceful water pushed her tankini top up, hence the yellow sticker on the photo (nothing was exposed, just her back, but I want to preserve the modesty of our family, so I put the sticker on the photo).  The laugh/smile on Mattie's face shows how much fun she had, so I couldn't resist posting this photo.

Naomi and Buckshot rode a wave to shore.  Precious smiles.  Sweet laughter that was music to our ears.

Meribeth waiting for a wave.

Found one!  Rode it to shore!


Parker, the master boogie-boarder, taught everyone how to ride the waves all the way to the shore!

Kiefer LOVED the ocean, the sand, the sun.  Everything.  Sometimes he just rolled in the sand for fun!

Parker heading out to find a big wave!

And he rode it to shore!

Asher preferred playing in the sand to the crashing waves.  Until the last day when he decided the waves were a blast!  It was great for Kiefer to have a sand buddy though.  They hauled bucket after bucket of water to their sand area.  The sand at Navarre Beach is like organic sugar.  Some color and texture.  LOVED it!

Daddy loved the ocean, too, until he burst his eardrum. :-( 
(This photo was taken before he burst his eardrum.  The water pressure of a wave whacked him upside the head and hit just right to burst his ear drum.)

Asher and Kiefer didn't really want to stop digging to pose for a photo, but Mommy wanted them to!

Mommy and Kiefer.

Asher caught in a wave on the shore.

Hold your breath, Asher!

Whew, it's over!  Way to go, Asher!

Ahhhhhh, this is the life!

Kiefer is saying, "Cheese!"

Wow, that water's cold, Daddy!

Kiefer LOVED having the waves crash in on him!

Beach Boys!

It's nap time!  The view from the room.  It started raining just after we all got settled in for a slumber!  Thank you, God, for a glorious day at Navarre Beach!

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