Monday, August 16, 2010

Help Us With "Comments for Chrissie"

Would you help us spread the word that our family is searching for all of the people whose lives have been touched by Chrissie?  If you would post on your Facebook and/or blogs or Twitter or any other social networking system that we're hoping to create a collection of "Comments for Chrissie", we would be oh so grateful.  You can send them to the COMMENTS FOR CHRISSIE post to leave their comment (I changed the title of that post to make it easier to find).  It doesn't have to be a fancy or profound comment.  Just a simple shout out that Chrissie touched your life, even if you didn't meet her in person.  I know that after Chrissie went to Heaven, a lot of people stopped reading the blog, so they won't read that we're looking to create a collection of comments for Chrissie.  If you'll help spread the word, we'll have a better shot at locating all of those whose lives have been touched by Princess Chrissie.

And, to the sweet person out there who created the prayer book for Chrissie when she was in the hospital (so sorry, I can't recall your name!!!), I would LOVE to put these comments into another book.  You had emailed me a while ago telling me that you'd like to create another book for our family, so I'm thinking that this would be the perfect thing to put into a new book in memory of Chrissie.  Comments for Chrissie!  How exciting!

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