Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chrissie Update...Our Spunky Monkey!

Chrissie had her hospital follow-up appointment with our pediatrician today, and she's doing GREAT.  Her lungs sounded good, her oxygen sats were at 75% (which is normal for her), she was fever-free and spunky as can be!  Praise God! 

Regarding Chrissie's open-heart surgery date, it is tentatively scheduled for March 31.  The alternative date is April 19.  I prefer April 19 so that Chrissie will get to experience her first Texas Easter and she'll also get to celebrate her brother's 10th b-day, plus her immune system will be stronger by then.  But, if her heart, lungs and pulmonary system as a whole aren't secure enough to hang in there until April 19, then, of course, March 31 will work just fine.

When Chrissie was in the hospital for her metapneumovirus/respiratory distress episode last week, the x-ray of her chest showed that her heart stent is fractured.  Not good.  Chrissie's cardiologist would like to do a CAT scan (under anesthesia, which means in the hospital...poor Chrissie) of her chest in order to better see how badly fractured the stent is and if it will hold that vessel open enough to get blood flow to her lung.  This will need to be done before her open-heart surgery.

Chrissie's cardiologist and cardiac surgeon are conferencing and determining the best plan for Chrissie at this point.  We're waiting to hear their recommendations.  In the meantime, Chrissie is getting spunkier and spunkier by the day, which we are so grateful for.  She's our little Spunky Monkey, adored by every member of our family, as well as by all those who meet this precious girl!!!  She is a blessing indeed, and what a spokesgirl she is for adoption advocacy!!!  On the fence about adoption...come meet our Spunky Monkey who will charm your socks off and leave you without a doubt that YES, you SHOULD adopt!!!

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Debi said...

Hi Patterson family!
Praying for your amazing "Spunkey Monkey" and believing God with you for her healing.
Love and hugs and prayers,

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