Monday, March 29, 2010

Pray for Chrissie's Procedure

Chrissie will have a CTA of her heart, under anesthesia, at Methodist Hospital in SA today at 1:45PM.  We all know how Chrissie feels about hospitals, bless her heart!  She will have an IV (what he calls a "boo-boo"), but I'm hoping they'll be able to wait until she's asleep to give it to her like they did last time she had this test.  The test is outpatient, but Chrissie is normally a total wreck when it comes to any type of hospital visit, outpatient or not, plus she just falls apart with anesthesia, so please pray for her!  I don't know what to expect from her at this hospital visit because of her last traumatic, lengthy hospitalization for her metapneumovirus.  I have no doubt she'll remember that experience the moment she sees the hospital sign!  Please also pray that Chrissie wouldn't be begging for food since she cannot eat for 8 hours prior to the procedure, and the procedure isn't until 1:45PM.  Matt plans to get Chrissie up at 5AM and feed her a good breakfast, then hopefully she'll go back to sleep for a few hours. :-)

Today Chrissie told Sawyer with fear in her voice, "Chrissie no boo-boos today."  (She wanted confirmation that nothing hurtful was going to happen to her today.)  Sawyer replied with much empathy and reassurance,"Noooooooooooo, Chrissie NO boo-boos today.  Chrissie boo-boos tomorrow!"  AGGGHHHH!  Not exactly what Chrissie wanted to hear!

Here are a few pics from Parker's rodeo this weekend. Isn't Chrissie the cutest thing ever?!?

Daddy and  his beautiful girls at Parker's rodeo.

Chrissie and Daddy at the rodeo.

Chrissie lovin' on her "Parkey" at the rodeo!

Chrissie excited about chocolate cake at the awards banquet for the Texas Wrangler Junior High Division rodeo.

One of Chrissie's favorite spots..."Parkey's" shoulders!  Plus, she loves his cowboy hat!

Our Lil' Texas Cowgirl!

Chrissie saw some boys making a mud pit, and she begged to join them!  Quite un-Chrissie-like behavior as she never wants her hands dirty!
Parker qualified for Jr. High state finals in 3 competitions:  Team Roping, Breakaway Roping, and Chute Dogging.  Way to go, Parker!

Texas Wildflowers (including our state flower, the bluebonnet) on the drive home from the rodeo.  BEAUTIFUL!  If anyone lives near Gonzales, Texas, it's well worth the drive out there to see the wildflowers.  Most gorgeous wildflowers I've ever seen!


Debi said...

Great pictures! Chrissie is the cutest little thing! Glad you all had fun at the rodeo.
Praying for beautiful Chrissie and your family today as always. Praying for peace and strength and a good report.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Megan said...

You have an absolutely beautiful family! Praying for Chrissie today!

Congrats Parker!

amyl4 said...

What a doll! Chrissie has the sweetest smile! Praying in Michigan,

Rhonda Sloup said...

Love the pictures. Praying for sweet Chrissie and your entire family.

Susan said...

I'm so sorry I didn't get to this until now! My brother died unexpectedly last Friday and I've been dealing with a lot of things since.

I think and pray for Chrissie often. I hope that yesterday's procedure went as smoothly as it could and that she's doing okay post-procedure.

Carla said...

Your kiddos are beautiful! Looks like y'all had a great time!!!
Congrats to Parker!!!

Those are so beautiful flowers, too!!!

Kelli Hewitt said...

I sent your son's essay onto about 20 friends and family! It was wonderful!

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