Monday, March 15, 2010


Zippity, oh my, what a wonderful day!

God gave me an entire day to spend with my oldest son, Parker (age 13), just the two of us.  We both needed it.  It's been over a year since just the two of us left the house together to just hang out.  (We have snippets here and there together in our home, just the two of us, but we used to have regular dates for the two of us, and it had been over a year since Parker and I had a "date"!) 

We ate brunch at Cracker Barrel, then drove around antique hunting.  Parker LOVES to go antiquing with me, and we never buy nice antiques...just "junk" at garage sale prices, which we both enjoy.  However, we only found one shop open today, and it didn't have anything we needed.  We spent several hours just driving around, talking and enjoying catching up without any interruptions. 

The best part of our date was the adventure of Wimberley Ziplines!  We spent two hours soaring through the skies overlooking the beautiful Wimberley Hill Country!  We hiked up "mountains" and latched our harnessed bodies to a variety of cables, some that stretch 900 feet across the sky!  WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  It was so much fun!

If you're familar with Dr. Gary Chapman's 5 Love Language teachings, you'll understand how important it is to show love in the recipient's love language.  (There are 5 love languages...go to the link above and take the quiz to discover your love language.)  Parker NEEDS quality time to fee loved.  He had gotten spurts of one on one time with me over the past year, but I can only imagine how dry Parker's love tank must have been after more than a year of not one single "date" with Mom.  So grateful God gave us this special time together today to refill his tank and touch my heart.  I love my son.  I'm so proud of him.  Parker, forgive me for not "forcing" you to go on dates with me over the past year.  I should have required them.  Thanks for hanging out with me today.  I love you!

I love all of my kids, and I'm so blessed to be their mom.  God, help me to show each of my children how much I love them by showing them in THEIR love language.

I encourage you to discover your loved ones' love languages and ask God to help you show love in each recipient's language.

I only had my phone camera, but here we are waiting to zip across the sky!

Parker's next!

Parker getting hooked up to the cable.


Halfway across line #2 (of 8!).  FUN!

Comin' in for landing!

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Carla said...

Oh my gosh!! That looks like sooo much fun!! We are gonna have to try this out!! Looks like you two had a wonderful time together!!

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