Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do You Want Your Kids to be Happy or Holy?

Please read this post, then leave me a comment to let me know your answer.


The Land Family said...

Excellent!! I love it!!!

Praise the Lord!!

Amy Land

The Jakes said...

Great post! A much needed reminder to me as a Mom. I let so many other things get in the way of raising my kids well. When my kids were little these truths seemed so much clearer to me, but as they have gotten older I lose touch with the whole purpose parenting to begin with. Thanks for sharing, Lorraine.

acox26 said...

I thought is was a very good post! So often I try to show my children things don't make them happy. So often I wonder if they get it. I want them to hurt for those without, hurt and want to help. Be happy about helping. I have found I have taught my children worldly values when I buy them the treat every time. When they get everything they want for their birthdays. When Christmas is TOO much. I have a lot of work to do with my children to "undo" what I have taught them in their young lives. Good post! And as far as college tuition goes.... bah.... I had to pay for my own and I don't get mad at my parents! I am thankful I did so I didn't take it for granted, it wasn't another thing handed to me without thought on my part! Definitely holy!

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