Thursday, October 25, 2012

Road Trip!

We're road tripping to Oklahoma for the National Team Roping Finals. Our oldest two sons, Parker and Sawyer, are roping in the competition Friday-Sunday, and I'm so excited to get to watch them!!!

Unfortunately, Sawyer broke his wrist Monday night in a team roping accident. He's such a tough cowboy--he's planning to rope despite his broken wrist. He won't let anything prevent him from roping in this event!!!

Satan's been trying diligently to steal the joy of this trip and to rob the boys of their team roping achievements. He will not win!!! Parker had a high fever, severe headache, body aches, and vomiting yesterday (said he felt worse than he had in his life!), but his fever has broken and he's on the road to recovery. He ropes tomorrow (Friday), so keep him in your prayers for a speedy and full recovery. He, too, won't let anything prevent him from roping!!!

Not even 20 minutes into our trip, we had a tire blow out on the RV. But, again, Satan won't win! We made it to a tire shop and God wins again!!! He always does--praise Him!

Oh, speaking of His victories, I keep forgetting to report here that the IRS finally accepted our 2009 adoption of Chrissie!!! Hallelujah! After almost a year of defending ourselves, with all required receipts and evidence, submitting everything four separate times, involving our senator and a tax advocate, we're so grateful to have that mountain moved. Thank you to those who prayed for that situation.

So grateful for the protection and provision of our faithful Father. It's always an awesome adventure when your guide is the King of kings!

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