Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Toys for Guats


It’s time to get this party started, peeps!


We’ve raised $535 for Village of Hope—Guatemala and 20 toys have been purchased via the Amazon Wish List.  We’re SOOOOOO grateful for all those who have so generously and selflessly given, shared, prayed, and supported this benefit in memory of our precious princess.


Keep up the good work!  Let’s all do our best to raise awareness for this “Toys for Guats” mission!  (Not to be confused with ‘Toys for Tots’:-)


Click HERE to view more about the reasons why we’re begging you to help us with this benefit.


Click HERE to get registered to possibly win some party favors (giveaways)!


Thanks for sharing, praying, giving, and supporting—you mean the world to us!!!

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