Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love the Way God Works!!!

I just love watching the various ways God works.  His ability to accomplish His will is beyond my ability to fathom.  Well, everything about our mighty Father is basically beyond my ability to fathom.


Take a look at these screenshots of a friend’s Facebook page (the first photo is the status update of Chelsea, and the second photo is a screenshot of the comments that followed Chelsea’s update):

photo 1

photo 2


OK, I’m just blown away by this.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how God works!!!  He sent a dream (multiple dreams) to Chelsea about Guatemalan orphans last night, and He rattled her so much that she got up at 4:30AM and purchased toys for the orphans, in memory of Chrissie!!!


As if that wasn’t enough to bless me this morning, I then saw that one of Chelsea’s friends also had a dream about an orphan last night, then saw Chelsea’s status update AND WAS MOVED to purchase a toy in memory of Chrissie.




I just can’t get over how God works.  Man, can I get a shout out for how much we adore God and His miraculous ways?!?!  WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alright, now for an update on where we’re at with the Boss Your Heart Birthday Benefit for special needs orphans at Village of Hope in Guatemala.  As of 1PM Thursday 10/11/12 (love that date!), over 35 toys have been purchased/donated and $702 have been donated to purchase toys/educational items/play equipment for the special needs orphans at Village of Hope.


Let’s get another big shout out for this success!!!  Go God and go God’s people!!!  Y’all ROCK!!!  Keep up the fabulous work of praying, sharing, and donating. 


Oh, and just to remind you that there’s no judgment or criticism in any way for those who aren’t able to donate.  Please know that my pleas are not made with a critical spirit, I’m just rallying for the special needs orphans at VOH who are so heavy on my heart.  The more we share the need, the more people’s eyes will be open, the more hearts will be touched, the more lives will be affected, the more smiles will be brought to orphans.  “Prayer and Share” are equally important (if not more!) than donating because this is a team effort.  God’s hands and feet are not from just one person.  It’s all of His people working together, serving the orphan in whatever way He calls.  Praying and sharing the need are ways to serve.  Prayer is the most important ingredient of this benefit, and I’m so very grateful for every prayer lifted, every shared message, every ounce of support, and every toy and dollar donated.  This is all for His glory.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Click HERE to enter the “party favor” giveaway and to view the info about the Boss Your Heart Birthday Benefit.

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