Sunday, June 26, 2011


Right now, there are several Ukrainian orphans who are preparing to come to Texas as part of the Charis summer hosting program.  Two of those orphans will be coming to our home for five weeks!  Yes, it's true, we'll be bringing two boys from Ukraine into our home this summer for five weeks!  We're so excited!

The boys' original host family apparently fell through.  When we heard that the entire group of Ukrainian orphans might not be able to come to Texas at all if these two boys didn't find a host family FAST, well, we stepped in and offered to host the boys.  We are so very grateful for this opportunity, and we're blessed that Charis raised the majority of the funds needed to bring these boys to America for 5 weeks.  We only have a few days to raise the remaining funds, so we ask you to please spread the word.  This is an awesome opportunity for others to live out James 1:27!

I know our family will always remember the summer of 2011 simply because that was the summer we took a step in faith and hosted two non-English speaking older orphaned boys from Ukraine.  What an adventure!  I can't wait to see what the Lord does through this experience!

Would you please be praying for God to provide an adoptive family for these two boys?  The hope with orphan hosting programs is for the orphans to find committed adoptive families while they are here.  It is our prayer that God will unite these boys with their forever family during their 5 week stay here in Texas.

Thank you for playing a role in bringing this group of orphans to Texas this summer!!!

PS  To donate to bring these boys to Texas, please click on the "ChipIn" button at the top of this post. :-)

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