Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jackson is with Jesus

It is with a very heavy heart, as one who is left behind in grief on earth, that I announce that our friend Jackson Norris, age 15, has left this earth and gone to live with Jesus for eternity.  Jackson's passing was made official this morning, and today doctors will be harvesting Jackson's organs to bring life and healing to others.  Please lift up the family and friends of this sweet young man, as we are the ones who experience pain and grief as the ones left behind.

Please keep Jackson's best friend, Jonathan, in your prayers, as they were walking side by side when the pedestrian/automobile accident occurred.  The thought of what Jonathan is experiencing is just too much for me. If you would like to leave a prayer or word of encouragement for Jonathan, click HERE for a link to his Facebook page. I think you can write on his wall without "friending" him, but feel free to "friend" him while you're there.  He needs to be surrounded with prayer, love, family, friends, and support at this time.

Click HERE to visit Jackson's mom's Facebook page, in case you want to send her a message as well.  I just recall all of the messages you all sent me on the day Chrissie went to live with Jesus, and that outpouring of love was so comforting.  I know God will surround Jackson's family and friends with that same love and comfort.

Thank you, prayer warriors.

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