Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crazy Tuesday

Today is going to be a little bit crazy.  Here's what our day will look like:

  • Today is my nephew's birthday.  He's adopted from Russia. :-)  (Happy birthday, Nick!)  He's having a pool party in Austin, so I'm taking 9 kids to that for the day.
  • I have to attend a business dinner party this evening at 6PM with my hubby, so my sister is keeping our 9 kids while I attend the business dinner.  I'll have to leave the pool party and rush to get ready and drive about an hour to where the party will be.  I"ll take my sister's car and leave her with our 15 passenger van.
  • The two orphan boys from Ukraine will arrive tonight!  (I'd still love for you to spread the word that we're raising funds to host these 2 boys for the summer. :-)  Matt and I will have to leave the dinner party early so that we can get to the Austin airport to pick up the boys.  My sister will take our 9 kids in our van to the airport to meet us there, then she'll drive her car back home, after she meets the Ukrainian boys.
  • My mom will be available during the day to help with Selah (our baby).  I'm so grateful to have family to help us with all of the logistics!
Here's a little video clip of Selah and Kiefer, our two youngest lovies.  Wishing you a blessed Tuesday!

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