Friday, June 3, 2011

Benefit Update

So sorry for not posting sooner.  I'm still here, just busy, as usual, and focusing on our family, catching up on things after the big benefit, figuring out summer schedules/activities, doing doctor's appointments, etc.  I decided I really need to post a quick update for now, with high hopes of having time to post greater details in the near future. :-)

1st Annual Boss Your Heart Memorial Benefit and Team Roping:

Well, I had really hoped to have a big thank you post with benefit photos and a detailed report, but I'm just going to have to go for the slim, better-than-nothing update for now. :-)  In short, we think we made about $5,000 at the first annual benefit, in memory of Chrissie!  All glory to God because this was supposed to really be a team roping, so making $5K on a team roping with no horses or cows, well, that was most definitely God!  We were worried that no one would show up for the benefit since we had to cancel the team roping (due to the fluke horse virus) not even 24 hours before the roping!  We were seriously concerned that we wouldn't be able to cover our expenses, but God took care of everything and blessed us with somewhere around $5K (net profit).  Praise Him!  We're still working on accounting, but we know the minimum net profit is $5K.  All of that will go to help orphans.  Hallelujah!

Our hearts were so very blessed by all of the people who showed support of the first annual Boss Your Heart benefit!  We truly had no idea what God had in store.  We could NOT have had the benefit without the over-the-top help of Carrie Windham and the many teammates she brought with her who took care of all of the amazing decorations (all focused around Princess Chrissie), as well as a thousand other details.  Such a blessing!  Carrie and her friend Maris and a team of many volunteers handled all of the silent auction details, plus they did set-up and clean-up, too!  Oh, and they did the bake sale and kids' face painting as well!  (And Carrie donated all of the decor and expenses she incurred.)  If it hadn't been for all of the advance effort Carrie had already put into making the benefit beautiful, meaningful, and all around fabulous, we probably would have just canceled it the moment we canceled the team roping portion (due to the horse virus).  Thank you, Carrie, and your fabulous team of many volunteers!!!

And another huge thank you to all of the other volunteers who showed up throughout the day to help with whatever needed doing.  Wow, what a sweet blessing!  Oh, and I mustn't forget all of you who solicited and contributed items for the silent auction, as well as those who purchased items.  We had some amazing stuff up for bids!  Oh, and thank you to all of you who baked so many delicious goodies for the bake sale.  Can I just say, "YUM"?!?  And Byron, Amy, Carlos, and Paul, you did a FABULOUS job on the BBQ.  (Parker said that was the best brisket he'd ever eaten in his entire life!)  And thank you Margarita's Tortillas for donating 150 awesome organic whole wheat tortillas!  Well, the list of people who made this event a success is enormous, but please know that each and every one of you are precious to us, and we truly could not have pulled this off without your help.

While we were concerned that no one would attend the benefit (since we had really focused on the team roping portion and that was canceled at the last minute), God showed His faithfulness in a mighty way by blessing us with so much support.  We were surprised to meet so many new families/people, and our hearts were warmed by the faces and hugs of many precious friends and family who are dear to us.  Please know that we are most grateful for each and every person who showed up on May 21, whether it was to volunteer or to shop or to play or to visit!

And the biggest thank you goes to my husband, Matt, who did more work for this benefit than either of us ever realized would be possible.  You did an awesome job, Matt, especially working within the very short time frame we had.  Everything turned out great, and because of you, we had yummy food and fun entertainment for the kids.  Woohoo!  You also gathered numerous sponsors, and hopefully I'll be able to put together a post to thank all of the sponsors of our first annual Boss Your Heart memorial benefit.

Bottom line is, there are so many of you who made this benefit possible, and our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.  Thank you is not enough!!!  We love you all!

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