Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday Blessings

On Orphan Sunday, 2009, our Chrissie was dedicated to our Lord.

She had only been home about 2 weeks, but Chrissie was so excited about being in church.
She received a little pink New Testament Bible from Pastor Sweet (yep, that's really his name!), and oh how she treasured that little Bible.  Chrissie slept with it for months, and I have her treasured pink Bible saved in a spot where I see it daily.  It reminds me of so many things:  the miracle of salvation, the beauty of adoption, the love of a child, the joy of obedience, and the excitement of a sweet 4-year-old girl as she was dedicated to our Lord and received this beloved Bible.

I'm so grateful for the way God orchestrated our lives while Chrissie was with us.
We gave Chrissie a charm bracelet on her dedication day with a heart charm that has a cross in the a reminder of Chrissie's dedication day and a reminder of the meaning of Chrissie's name:  one who holds Christ in her heart. 
The day Chrissie went to Heaven, I put that bracelet on my wrist and I've never taken it off.
It jingles daily as a reminder of my beloved daughter, Chrissie, and a reminder of her dedication day, a sweet blessing from our Lord.

On Orphan Sunday, 2010, our Meribeth chose to be baptized as an act of obedience and an outward symbol of her faith in Jesus Christ.
What a blessing it was for Meribeth's daddy to be able to baptize her!

Once an orphan without anyone to call "Daddy"...

raised to new life, no longer an orphan, adopted by her Heavenly Father for life, and loved by her forever family for always.

How beautiful!

Meribeth, we are so proud of you for allowing God to be your boss, for studying His Word faithfully every day, for praying and journaling your thoughts to Him daily, for trusting Him with your life, even when things didn't make any sense.  We are so proud of who you have become, and we were blessed to see you baptized and raised to new life in Christ.

We love you forever and always, no matter what, Meribeth!

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