Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Note from Meribeth

Meribeth wrote this yesterday for the blog (on her Gotcha Day), so I apologize that my posting it is a day late!  I hope her words are encouraging to anyone considering older child adoption.  Remember that this post was written by Meribeth exactly two years after she became a Patterson.  Two years ago, Meribeth didn't know one word of English.  She has worked really hard to communicate in English (spoken English and written English), and English is really a very hard language to learn!

We're so proud of you, Meribeth!

From Meribeth:
"Wow, I cannot believe today it's my gotcha day. I have been so greatfull to be with my precious family for two years long. When i was in Colombia I thought it was impossible that a family could pick a child like me, because I knew people only wanted babys or toddlers but God brought me this wonderfull family, that I love more than ever before. My life have changed so much, that i cannot even believe it. I want to encouraged people to adopt older kids, there are so many children that don't have hope for a family, so please stand out and serve the Lord by rescuing this poor children that needs a family.I know it was very hard when I became a part of the family, but now I am a different person, so don't be afraid of doing something that you are called to do but you are scared to do it. Just trust in the Lord and he'll be your strength."

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