Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Warrior!

Our family is excited to announce that we are the Christmas Warriors for Dariya (13) through Reece's Rainbow's Angel Tree Christmas fundraising program.  Dariya has Down Syndrome and needs a forever family...more than we'll ever really fathom.  (Special needs orphans in Eastern Europe who aren't adopted by age 4 are usually sent to adult mental institutions to perish.)  We are hoping to raise lots of money to go toward the cost of Dariya's international adoption from Eastern Europe during the once a year Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree project.  Would you please consider donating toward Dariya's adoption, praying for her forever family, and spreading the word about Dariya's needs?  You can read about Dariya by clicking HERE.  All donations made to Reece's Rainbow are tax-deductible, and what could be a better Christmas gift than saving a life?   Remember, God gifts us temporary finances so that we may use them for eternal purposes.  We won't have U-Haul trailers behind our hearses...everything on earth is temporary, but lives are eternal when we accept the Good News of His gift of salvation.  (Unfortunately, many orphans and many others in most other countries never get to even hear the Good News, much less live it.)  Let's work together to ransom Dariya and bring her into the Promised Land, giving her God's gift of a forever family.

Remember, all donations are tax-deductible.  And a $35 donation will get you a beautiful RR Christmas ornament!  You may donate by clicking HERE (on the Reece's Rainbow website...look for Dariya (13) and click "Add" under her name.  Or you may click the ChipIn below and donate.  Or you may mail a check to the address below (mailing a check avoids extra fees that RR incurs for your paypal donation):
Reece's Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885

I'm a Christmas Warrior for DARIYA

Here's a little more info about the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree project:
  • The average cost for a family to adopt one of our children is $25,000.
  • Our goal during the Angel Tree is to raise $1000 or more for each of these waiting children.
  • The more each child raises, the faster they will find a family! This is the ONLY thing keeping each of them from coming home!
  • The goal is to find families for (50) children in 8 weeks!
  • Donors of all nationalities and faiths are welcome!
  • Donations of $35 or more are eligible for a photo ornament of your chosen child (but any amount is appreciated and adds up! To donate less than 35.00, add the child to your cart. In the checkout, you can remove the ornament and add any donation amount.)
  • For those sponsors desiring an ornament, $5 of your donation goes to our Voice of Hope fund and the remainder of your gift will go to your child's grant EX: If you donate $35, $30 goes to the child and $5 goes to VOH….if you donate $100, $95 goes to your child and $5 goes to VOH, and so forth.
  • If you need more than one ornament of the same child, for example three, you would donate a minum of $105. $90 goes to your child, $15 for ornaments
  • If you do not want/need an ornament, please indicate this in your shopping cart/Paypal transaction, and the entire amount of your gift will go to the child
  • Each child has a separate "waiting child grant fund" (listed in their site profiles) and an "Angel Tree" grant fund. These will be COMBINED on January 1.
  • Should you have any difficulties, try clicking on the child's NAME, this will take you to their individual profile on the site and you can try your donation again there
  • If you need gift cards, please contact Andrea (bamaroberts@comcast.net)
  • Should you have any questions/difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact Andrea (bamaroberts@comcast.net)

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