Friday, November 19, 2010

6 Months

It's been 6 months since you were given a whole new life in Heaven, Lil' Miss Chrissie.
It's been a whole different life on earth for us.
We miss you more than words can express.

We are most grateful for this photo we received tonight from Carrie, the friend who made the oh-so-treasured photo quilt in memory of Chrissie.  This photo is of Rowan, Carrie's son, who is miraculously "connected" to Chrissie.  It's quite an amazing connection that is a neat picture of God, and I feel so blessed to have Rowan around because it feels like he's got a direct connection/link to Chrissie, even with her in Heaven, like no one else has.  Rowan came to our ranch to visit in early November, and I took him down to visit Chrissie's gravesite.  After exploring the area for a while, Rowan said something like, "I miss Chrissie.  I need to give her some lovin'."  Then he walked over to the edge of the little fence around Chrissie's gravesite, and he leaned over to send some love and kisses to Chrissie.  Then Rowan's mom, Carrie, took a picture of Rowan by Chrissie's gravesite.  Carrie uploaded the photos to her computer tonight, and she emailed me this photo with the following words in the email:
When I was looking through the pictures, Rowan stopped me at one of him peering over the iron gate at her grave site, looking at her stone.  He said "Mom, you know that's her looking down at me, right?" I was confused at first and I said, "Do you mean YOU looking down at HER grave?"  And he said "Mom, that's just where her body is. She is up there in heaven, but don't you see looking down at me- she's the sun shining down on me?" 

I don't know if you all will be able to notice the "cloud/light/haze" over Rowan, but he says that's Chrissie.  And I believe him.  What an amazing photo that captured Chrissie's presence.
Thank you, God, for sending us this sweet little gift of seeing a glimpse of Chrissie's heavenly being. 
Thank you, Carrie, for sending me this photo.
Thank you, Rowan, for who you are.
Thank you, Chrissie, for who you are.
We miss you and love you, girlfriend!

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