Friday, October 25, 2013


Life has been full lately.


The good kind of full.


The kind of full that feels so overwhelming because you know that you know that you know that you know that you CANNOT do this full on your own.


The kind of full that gives God the opportunity to shine brighter because when we are weakest, He is strongest.


The kind of full that magnifies how we CAN do all things through Christ who gives us strength.


The kind of full that also magnifies just how little we can do on our own.


The kind of full that shows how much He trusts us because He gives us so many assignments that there’s absolutely no way one human being, or even a team of people, can accomplish, but with Him, He shows us by actually demonstrating how the impossible is made possible.


The kind of full that leaves much left on the to-do list, so much so that the list seems miles long. 


But God.


He prioritizes and accomplishes the tasks He has ordered for us, even though other things are left undone.


He circumcises our hearts, removing more and more of ourselves, replacing more and more of our hearts with Him, even when we don’t realize He’s doing it.


When we fail to boss our hearts to beat in sync with His, He does it for us, even when we don’t realize it.


Our family and Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries are grateful for your prayers and support.  God has used you to make the impossible possible.  We have hit the ground running, as God orchestrates His desires of our new ministry, the BYHOMExperience, where guests are invited to stay with us on our ranch.


Click HERE to watch video if it doesn’t show up on your screen.


We have our first overnight guests arriving this afternoon.  They will stay the weekend with us.  We would be most grateful for your prayers, as we know Satan is prowling like a lion seeking to devour the faithful.  He wants nothing more than to destroy everything God uses for His Kingdom, which often times means families, particularly adoptive families.  We’ve experienced the enemy revving up his attacks on our family as we embark upon this new mission God has called us to, but WE WILL NOT BE MOVED.  Get behind us Satan, for you will NOT win.


We also have our first group of BYHOME mission volunteers arriving at Noon today.  We have 22 students (grades 6th-12th) coming to serve this afternoon prior to the arrival of our overnight guests. 


Full.  Another demonstration of His fullness, without our efforts, for His glory.


God has completely orchestrated all of these guests coming today.  The details He has spun throughout the stories of the guests blows my mind.  He weaves His tapestry this way to not only make it more beautiful, but so we KNOW that He is the One in charge, so He receives all of the glory.  Nothing compares to Him and His beautiful plan.  Nothing.


I hope to share a few of those God details here soon.  Thank you for supporting and praying for our family and ministry.  We are truly grateful.

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