Thursday, October 17, 2013

And the Winner Is…

Oh my goodness, look at all those pieces of paper!

Why, there must be at least 40 people represented in this basket!



And you’re going to let ME pick one?!?!  So exciting!

photo 1


Hmmmm, now let me see how to unfold this piece of paper.

photo 2


OK, now this is fun!  I love paper!

photo 5


Ohhhhhhh, I’ve almost got it!!!

photo 1


Oh, yes, yes, YES!  I KNOW her!!!

photo 3




You’re the winner of the FREE 4-night stay at the new BYHOME barnominium!!! 


Contact us to reserve your dates!!!


Thank you all who entered this giveaway, in memory of Chrissie’s 8th birthday. 


Your prayers, gifts, and support are priceless to us!!!


Now, if only every single one of you could have been the winner!  We’d still love to have each and every one of you come stay with us.  Thank you all, again!

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