Friday, October 11, 2013

BYHOM Brochure

We’re excited to share with you the Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries brochure, which includes more information on the BYHOMExperience, where guests come stay in the “barnominium” on our ranch.


We’re in the process of creating a website specific to the BYHOMExperience, complete with booking information.  We already have our first guests lined up, and we’re excited to host many more guests in days to come!  Keep praying and sharing this ministry with groups who fit into the categories of people we host (see brochure below for more info).  Thanks so much!

BYHOME brochure pic1exportJPG

BYHOME brochure pic3exportJPG

BYHOME brochure pic4exportJPG

BYHOME brochure pic5exportJPG

BYHOME brochure pic6poolExportJPG

BYHOME brochure pic2exportJPG

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