Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday's Meditation: A Boss Your Heart Message

Thank you, D'Lane Moore, for today's devo:

I Can’t Hear You
By D’Lane Moore

Last week I had to have an MRI because I have injured my neck/shoulder.  I have had an MRI before, and so I was not nervous about the situation.  I arrived, changed into my lovely gown, got ready to be sent into the tube.  The medical staff had me place my head into this form that kind of felt like you were laying your head back into the sink to get your hair washed at the beauty shop.  Then she placed a large form on my chest that was awkward and large.  I then had ear plugs shoved in my ears and towels stuffed around my head.  The medical staff then told me she would talk to me and if I needed her to squeeze this bulb.  I was then sent into the tube.  I could hear the lady talking to me but had no idea what she was saying.  Then the MRI machine started and it was SO LOUD!  The first test only lasted about 30 seconds.  It was not too bad, but then the lady talked to me again.  I couldn’t tell if she said the second test was going to last 6 minutes or 16 minutes.  During the second test I realized that the form my head was in was pushing down on my shoulders.  My left arm was hurting.  I tried to breath through the pain.  I kept telling myself, “You gave birth, you can do this.”  But the pain was joined by numbness and tingling.  All I could hear was my heart beating in my ears and it was getting faster and faster.  All I kept thinking was when will this be over?  6 minutes? 16 minutes? 60 minutes?  I just was not prepared for the physical pain or the mental toughness it was going to take to get through the MRI.  I finally squeezed the bulb. 

The medical staff lady was not very happy with me.  By the end of our conversation I was in tears and she was telling me I would have to come back another day.  My husband had taken off to stay home that morning, so I wanted to complete the test.  I stopped, prayed and asked God to help me.  Then I remembered that when I had had an MRI before I had music to listen to.  I asked the medical staff lady if I could have music.  She said that sometimes she can’t get a good picture with head phones on, but she would try.  I was so thankful for her willingness to try.  She put the headphones on and I requested Christian music.  Into the tube I went, again.  This time when she spoke it came through the headphone system.  I could hear her clearly.  When she finished telling me the first test would be 30 seconds Christian music came on.  My arm still hurt, but my ears and heart were full of praise for my Jesus and it helped.  Test after test, song after song, I made it through.  It wasn’t easy.  There were moments when I felt like I couldn’t do it any more.  My arm hurt, I wanted to quit, but I knew God could give me the strength.  I used the truth in the words of the songs to Boss My Heart and then the test was over. 

I learned something very important on Tuesday: The words of truth in my ears will only have a chance to affect my life, if they are louder than life.  The MRI machine was loud, my pain was loud, but the words of truth were louder and they made a difference. 

Psalm 119 has a lot to say about God’s sweet words.  Here is one verse that I hope brings hope:  Psalm 119:28 “My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.” 

God’s word can give us the strength we need to boss our hearts.  Allow his word to be louder than your life.

Dear Jesus,

Would you, in your great love for us, allow us to treasure your word more today than we did yesterday?  We want to hunger and thirst for you and your word.  Thank you!


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