Saturday, February 5, 2011

Texas Snow Day!

Yee-Haw!  In the hill country of Texas, we don't often see snow, but Friday morning (Feb. 4), we woke to SNOW!  Woohoo!
The view from our porch.  (The pond in the background is what Chrissie called "Lake Palic", after the lake in Serbia that we took her to almost daily while we stayed in Serbia.)

Kiefer cracked us up.  He didn't understand why anyone in their right mind would actually WANT to go play in the snow!!!  Don't you people know that snow is C-O-L-D?!?  He kept trying to explain to us why we were all INSANE to want to play in outside in the freezing cold temperature with freezing cold white stuff that melts when you touch it, then gets you all wet.  Definitely not this Haitian boy's idea of fun!

Most of The Patterson Kids bundled up "Texas Style" for the snow!

I'm sure glad we don't have to dress like this every day.  What a hassle!

Thank you, God, for the fun treat!

PS  On a sadder note, one of our horses broke its leg (severely) and had to be put to sleep this morning. :-(  We believe he must have slipped on the ice and broke his leg, but it was such a severe fracture that the horse had to be put down.  (We let the horses out of their stalls so they could drink water from the pond since the water in their stalls was frozen solid, and Hank must have found a patch of ice on his way to the pond.)  Death has a whole different feel to it now that we've experienced the loss of Chrissie.  In some ways, it feels easier to lose an animal simply because it's not our daughter, but losing a pet is never easy, especially unexpectedly.

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