Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Emergency: Riker Needs a Family!

Could this handsome boy be your son?

This is 13-year-old Riker.  He was adopted from Ukraine in 2003 by a family living in Illinois.  Riker's adoptive mom recently found out that her triple negative breast cancer (a rare and aggressive form of cancer) has recurred and spread and the situation is critical.   Riker's family does not have the energy to walk through more chemo and cancer treatments and help Riker with his RAD (reactive attachment disorder) issues.

Riker's adoptive family is desperately seeking a new family for him.
Riker is currently in respite care in Illinois.  The family is not interested in finding a different respite situation; they know Riker needs a permanent home, a forever family, ASAP.  The family will need to be experienced with RAD issues (see Riker's profile below).

If you believe God may be calling your family to adopt Riker, please contact Jeff@JeffElson.net.

Please broadcast Riker's story on your blogs and Facebook and any other way you can get the message out that this precious boy needs a family immediately!  And please keep Riker's adoptive mom in your prayers as well.  Thank you!

Here is the info that was posted about Riker last summer on the CHASK website:

We are looking for a family to adopt our son Riker.  Riker was adopted from Ukraine 6 ½ years ago and is now 13.  He is in the 7th grade.
Riker is very bright and does well in school mostly A’s  with little work involved.  Unfortunately he has not attached to our family.  Riker loves to read, draw, play sports and video games.  Riker is very athletic, football and basketball are is specialty.  Riker is very healthy.   
Riker craves positive attention but does not like to be called on area of weaknesses.  Riker would benefit from a very structured environment, our house is very chaotic and is not a good fit for someone who needs a routine.   He does great when school is in session and benefits from the routine.  He is a little lost on weekends when that routine goes away.  Unfortunately my wife has been battling breast cancer for the last 2 years and the additional stress of caring for Riker has taken a toll on our family.
Riker has a problem with stealing and then lies to cover up being caught.   He realizes stealing is wrong but cannot seem to stop. He has never been arrested as most of the stealing involved money from us. He also shows no remorse.  He can be impulsive but has shown improvement in this area.  
He plays well with other children and is very personable but does not seem to follow through on making friends of his own.  Riker has been diagnosed with RAD and needs a fresh start.  If you feel Riker would be a fit for your family please contact us at jeff@jeffelston.net.   

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