Saturday, February 12, 2011

Families for Two, One in Heaven, and Many More!

I wanted to update you on some of the children we've advocated for in the past.  We have a praise report that TWO of the kiddos we've been praying/advocating/raising money for now have families!!!  WOOHOO!  One is now in heaven, and two more (on our advocating for list) still need forever families.  Join us in prayer for these children, and praise Him for those families who are answering His call to rescue the least of these.
1.  Dariya, the little girl who was our Christmas Angel with Reece's Rainbow, now has a family!!!  And, thanks to many of YOU, we were able to raise over $3,000 for Dariya as her Christmas warriors!  Click HERE to "meet" Dariya's family and please consider supporting them on this journey!  God is good!

2.  Gage, who was in significant risk of being transferred to an institution for older kids and adults (where he would die), now has a family!!!  Thank you, Jesus!  Click HERE to help Gage's family raise his ransom!  They've got a big challenge to raise the funds to get Gage before transfer to an institution!  Go God!

3Mason.  BOY, born Born March 14, 2007. Mason is an orphanage favorite, but he doesn't have a family!!!

Click HERE to learn more about me!  I'm in the same orphanage as Gage, but I still don't have my forever family!  Oh please won't someone choose us?!?  God has promised me He won't leave me as an orphan.  (John 14:18)  Who will answer His call?

4Sandra.  Sandra went to live with Jesus (details unreported) in December.  I'm confident that Chrissie welcomed this beautiful princess into heaven since Sandra didn't receive the privilege of having a forever family on earth.

5Sutton.  Boy, born July 9, 2009.  There's something about those sparkling brown eyes!!!

Click HERE to learn more about me.  I'll be turning 2 this summer, and I really need a forever family to save my life.  I'm in Eastern Europe, and the very best birthday present I could ever receive is a FAMILY!!!   Please rescue me and show me that Jesus loves me!!!

There are 147+ million orphans in the world.
Won't you please adopt ONE?!?

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