Sunday, December 19, 2010

Celebrating 18 on the 19th...

18 years ago, on December 19, 1992, I married the man I had always dreamt of marrying.
God blessed me more than I could have imagined.
I had always had an idea in my head of the type of man I wanted to marry, but I truly didn't believe that man existed.
Until I met Matt.
God put the desire in my heart for a man just like Matt because He had created my husband for me.
Kinda crazy to think that God worked all this out before we were even knit in our mothers' wombs.
I'm so grateful God is in control and not me. 
His plans are always so much better than I can ever fathom.
Thank you, God, for blessing me with such an awesome husband.  I'm not deserving, but I am most humbly grateful.

19 years ago, I gave my husband (fiancee at the time) the following poem:

I guess you could say that in some ways,
I've always loved you.
That doesn't sound right, I know,
because I haven't always known you,
but I've always known certain qualities
that were important to me,
and in my mind and heart, I've always
carried an image, a fantasy, a wish, I guess,
of a wonderful person I could love totally.
You've given me what I've always wished for:
fun and laughter,
concern and understanding,
a friend to depend on,
a lover to cherish,
a partner in everything I do...
Thinking about you--
how you make me feel,
how I feel about you
and all that you are--
I realize that all my life,
I've always loved you in my dreams.
Now that you've come out of my dreams
and into my life,
I can tell you
that I've always loved you
and that I always will. 
~Gary LaFollette

18 years and counting.
I love you more than yesterday, Big Daddy!

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