Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Attn Racquell Werbe

You (Racquell Werbe) left a comment that you wanted to purchase a Boss Your Heart book.  I emailed you, but your email was returned to me.  If you still want to purchase a book, please paypal $25 to Lorraine@ForgottenSawRanch.com and be sure to leave your mailing address in the comment on paypal.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a book!  We've sold them all, and each person who purchased one should be receiving it this week.  (The books were mailed Saturday via Priority Mail with USPS.)  If you purchased a book but it doesn't arrive this week, please let me know.

We're still aiming for Valentine's Day for the "real" book release!  It's fun to think about Chrissie teaching others to "boss their hearts" during the one holiday of the year that is all hearts!!!  I'm thinking of those conversation heart candies that say things like "I Do"...I think they need to make one that says "Boss Your Heart"! :-)

Hope all of you are preparing your hearts for the celebration of the birth of our Savior, the King of Kings!  Four more days till Happy Birthday, Jesus!  I wonder if Jesus has a party in Heaven?  If He didn't before, I bet Chrissie throws Him one this year!

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