Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quack, Quack!

Chrissie was the cutest ducky you've ever seen!  Last Halloween, Chrissie had only been a part of our family (our entire family at our home in Texas) a total of 14 days.  Chrissie received such a warm welcome from everyone, and she was invited to one of our friend's birthday parties, who was the same age as Chrissie.  We were blessed to attend a fun party with a children's band last Halloween, and the memories of Chrissie dressed up as a little duck with a big fat belly will be forever treasured. 
I'm quite sure Chrissie had no clue why in the world we were putting this stuffed duck costume on her, but she sure was the cutest ducky we've ever laid eyes on!  Being home just 2 weeks, Chrissie didn't yet speak or understand a lot of English, but she was a trooper!

Chrissie chose a pink flower to have painted on her face at our friend's birthday party.
If you'll look closely, you'll see that Chrissie insisted upon wearing a necklace with her ducky costume.  She always adorned herself with jewels!  Christyn "Jewelry" Patterson!

Below is a video clip of Chrissie's first "Hokey Pokey" dance, on Halloween, at the birthday party.  It continues to amaze me how securely attached Chrissie was in such a short time.  (If you're reading this post in a reader or by RSS feed, you'll need to click on our blog to view the video.)

I'll try to post pics of our other kiddos this evening upon our return from a fall party.
Happy Fall Y'all!

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