Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Chrissie!

Dearest Princess Chrissie,

Mommy doesn't have a lot of time right now to type this note to you because I'm preparing for your party at Forgotten Saw Ranch.  We're going to release balloons by your favorite "Lake Palic" near your gravesite where your shell is buried.  Just today, God gave me a few ideas to do with our family to celebrate your special day here on earth while you're celebrating in Heaven, so I'm trying to pull those together at the last minute.  I hope you're watching and listening from Heaven as we sing you Happy Birthday by Lake Palic later.

I don't know if Jesus already told you, but we are so pleased to announce that Sweet Yulia has a FOREVER FAMILY!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISSIE!!!  As you know, baby girl, so many people donated to raise the necessary funds for Yulia's adoption ransom.  Many gave in your memory, sweet love!  And now, a wonderful family has been approved to adopt treasured Yulia, who will be known as Julia now.  Praise God for this priceless gift.  While we can't really send your birthday gifts to Heaven, God can deliver one directly to you:  He has rescued Yulia from bondage and placed her into a family who already loves her and calls her by name.  I can see you dancing like David, only instead of wearing an ephod, you're wearing a tutu, I'm sure! :-)

We love you sweet princess, and we miss you more than we think we can possibly handle so much of the time.  But, as you know, God holds us and catches our tears and carries us through this valley as we learn to live withou you.  We cannot wait to be reunited with you in Heaven, our sweet Serbian Sensation!!!

Happy 5th Birthday, Baby Girl!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!

PS  I'll reveal Julia's forever family just as soon as Reece's Rainbow posts their page! :-)  Many thanks to all who donated!!!

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