Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 Days!

You only have a total of 3 days to donate to rescue I & Y from Russia.  Let's come together as the body of Christ to ransom these 2 precious ones in His name.  Let's be selfless in our giving so that two orphans can be united with their forever family in time for Christmas.  In December, we will celebrate the birth of the One who ransomed us.  Help this family celebrate the ransom of their two children, for God's glory, through your selfless giving in His name.

I didn't mention this in my post yesterday about Jennifer and the Pay it Forward iPad, but Chrissie played a role in Jennifer's commitment to one of her kiddos who has a heart issue.  You can read about that story by clicking HERE.  And while you're there reading about how Chrissie influenced Jennifer to say YES to her precious heart child, please donate to the ChipIn that you'll see on their blog.  (Or just click on the ChipIn below to donate.)

What are you willing to give up today in order to make a difference in the life of a child (2 children) tomorrow?  Every penny makes a difference.  Don't let Satan steal the joy of giving by convincing you that $10 won't really help.  YES IT WILL!  No amount is too little.  And, remember, your donation enters you in the iPad giveaway.  The Pay It Forward Ransom iPad:  making an eternal difference.  How God is that?!?

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