Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Hearts Overfloweth!

Oh my goodness, y’all ROCK!  Because of you, our hearts overfloweth!!!


There are only 34 items left on the BYHOME Barnominium Wish List!!!


Check it out:  BYHOME Barnominium Wish List


Amazon isn’t letting me see details about purchased items (I can’t tell which items have been purchased nor who purchased them!), so please, please, please contact me to let me know.  We would like to mail you a thank you card and be able to mark the item you purchased off of our “needed” list.  We’d also like to enter you in the giveaway to win a FREE 4-night stay at the BYHOME Barnominium!  Please let us know your name, the item you purchased, and your mailing address.  Our contact info is posted on the photo below.


We cannot thank you all enough!!!  Y’all are helping make Chrissie’s 8th birthday a very special one, creating another facet of Chrissie’s legacy, one that will last generations to come. 


It’s so hard to be separated from our daughter on a daily basis, but special occasions are even more difficult.  It is because of your giving and sharing and praying and supporting that we are able to boss our hearts through the hardest times to align with the Truth of God’s Word.  He truly turns ashes into beauty, mourning into dancing.  Thank you from the depths of our hearts!!!


BYHOME Amazon wish list click link jpg

Click HERE to view BYHOME Barnominium Wish List


View THIS POST for more details on everything. Smile

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