Friday, September 6, 2013

Help Us Select a Name!

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We would be most grateful if you would help us decide on a name/title for our new mission/ministry outreach with Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries!


What name would best encompass a short-term domestic mission trip to serve at our ranch in Texas where participants would learn/serve alongside our large adoptive family?  (You can read more about this mission HERE.)


Guests serving at our ranch would have a rare hands-on opportunity to participate in a domestic mission trip that encompasses a wide array of ways to serve and learn, Boss Your Heart style:

  • While serving, guests will be educated, encouraged, inspired, and equipped to personally live out James 1:27, in whatever way God opens their eyes and hearts.
  • Because we have several children with a wide variety of special needs, visitors will have the unique opportunity to serve a variety of people in one family, all of whom are precious in His sight.  (A few of the special needs represented include Down syndrome, brain malformations, intellectually disabled persons, non-verbal kiddos, bilateral club foot, Dyslexia, learning disabilities, developmental delays, ADD/ADHD, sensory integration dysfunction, RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), anxiety/mood disorders, food allergies, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases (Crohn’s and Colitis diseases), Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, seizure disorder/Epilepsy, and more.)
  • Guests will learn about special needs adoption, domestic adoption, international adoption, global orphan care, orphan advocacy, post-adoption issues, large family logistics, serving others (including working with children who have special needs), educating adopted children (privately and publicly), special programs and therapies available to people with special needs, ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) information, and much more.
  • Guests will experience our daily family life LIVE, up-close, hands-on, with no filters.  We believe God will use this opportunity to not only impact the hearts of those who visit, but also impact the lives of countless others as guests boss their hearts into taking action after leaving our ranch.


The title must have "Boss Your Heart" in it because this is in memory of our daughter, Chrissie, and that's her legacy. Smile


Below are a few of the names that have already been suggested.  Please cast your vote!  Leave a comment to let us know what your favorite is, or if you think of something you like better, let us know!

  • Boss Your Heart Reality Ranch
  • Helping Hands, Bossing Hearts
  • Living the Boss Your Heart Legacy
  • Livin', Lovin', and Learnin' the Boss Your Heart Way
  • Boss Your Heart in Action
  • Boss Your Heart Barnominium Trip
  • B.Y.H.O.M.E. (Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries Experience)
  • Boss Your Heart & Saddle Up!

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