Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy 16th Birthday, Meribeth!


In November 2008, Meribeth joined our family through the beautiful gift of adoption.  She was our very first child to adopt, she was from Colombia, and she 11-years-old at the time of her adoption. 


Meribeth was a survivor.  She had suffered much tragedy and loss at her young age.  Our hearts broke as we learned of her story.  We just wanted to love her, and we prayed God would heal her.


Meribeth has been a treasured member of our family for almost five years now.  God has been faithful to answer our prayers for Meribeth, particularly our prayers to heal her heart, her brokenness, her pain. 


We had NO idea God would choose a path to healing for Meribeth that would surely bring Him glory.  A gift not one person in our family has (which makes sure He and only He receives the credit/glory for this!).  A gift that would help to heal Meribeth’s heart, as she pours her heart and soul into creating music for His glory.


Meribeth recently discovered God has given her a gift to write lyrics and compose songs and sing beautiful works of art for His glory!  As she composes her pieces, God is healing her in so many ways.  Oh what a beautiful picture of redemption!


Meribeth gave me permission to publish these impromptu videos I took with my phone as Meribeth practiced her songs.  I hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do!


Meribeth, happy SWEET 16!!!  We’re so proud of you for persevering through this life, regardless of its challenges, keeping your eyes on Him.  We feel unworthy of being chosen to be your forever family, yet we are most grateful God blessed us with the gift of YOU.  You are a beautiful young lady, a talented musician, and a treasured daughter.  We love you dearly and wish you a fantabulous 16th birthday!


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