Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Modern Day Miracles

Recap:  Sawyer was admitted to Dell Children’s Hospital Monday evening for observation due to his symptoms, inconclusive tests and labs, and his high risk of intestinal blockage since he has Crohn’s disease.


Tuesday morning the pediatric gastroenterologist on call at the hospital came by to visit.  After examining Sawyer and asking tons of questions, the GI doc decided he needed to do a rectal exam.  Poor Sawyer!


After the rectal exam, the gastroenterologist discussed with me the severe scar tissue he and stricture he was able to feel upon examination.  He explained that he wanted to do a type of MRI called an MRE that is specific for gastrointestinal diagnoses.  The GI doctor felt Sawyer had intestinal blockage somewhere in his GI tract, and the MRE would help to pinpoint where and help determine the course of action, which would be surgery.


Tuesday afternoon, Sawyer underwent the two hour MRE.  He was such a brave trooper because the machine is the same as the MRI where it’s claustrophobic city in there, and he did great!


The MRE results showed no obstructions, which we were happy about, but the gastroenterologist explained how hard it is to diagnose intestinal obstructions.  He explained that the innermost lining of the intestines may not show up on the MRE, and there could be a mass and/or twist in the inner lining causing obstruction.  The doctor had already felt scar tissue and a stricture upon rectal examination, but he needed to see how severe the stricture was and if he’d be able to repair it with dilation or if Sawyer would need surgery.  So the doctor ordered a barium enema, an X-ray/radiology test that would look at the inner lining of the colon.  Unfortunately, Sawyer couldn’t get that test until Wednesday morning, which wasn’t a problem for the GI doctor because he felt Sawyer would be here for at least a week, which would include either surgery or a dilation of the stricture he found.


So, bright and early Wednesday morning, Sawyer was taken to radiology for his hour long barium enema X-ray.  We didn’t receive those results until Wednesday afternoon.


Here’s a description of Sawyer’s healing miracle I posted on Facebook Wednesday, July 31, at 4:30PM:

I think we just experienced a healing MIRACLE for Sawyer! So, the gastroenterologist just left, and here's how the visit went:

GI Doc: Knock, knock...may I visit with you out here, Mom?

Me: Sure.

GI Doc: I want to show you Sawyer's pictures (of his barium enema and MRE). {He pulls the pics up on the computer and explains that everything looks BEAUTIFUL.}

GI Nurse: I mean these intestines ar...e PERFECT. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.


GI Doc: But it's not really fabulous because it doesn't line up with what I felt when I performed his rectal exam with my fingers. I mean, I used two different fingers to confirm what I felt in his rectum yesterday. I definitely felt a stricture, which is an obstruction. He had tons of severe scar tissue in there. I felt it...not with one finger, but with two different fingers. I have no doubt of what I felt. Your son cannot be discharged with that type of stricture. He will need to stay more days, and I will turn the case over to Dr. Zwiener (Sawyer's GI doc) because he will want to do another colonoscopy on Sawyer to decide what the best course of action will be. We have two options: surgery or dilation of the stricture area, but the options will depend upon the results of his colonoscopy.

Me: Well, gosh, that doesn't make any sense. Wanna just feel again to make sure of what you felt yesterday since test results aren't confirming what you felt?

GI Doc: I know what I felt yesterday, without a doubt. It was obvious. Severe scar tissue and an obvious large stricture. Your son won't be very happy with me if I put him through another rectal exam.

Me: {Thinking...but he'd be way more happy with a simple rectal exam than a colonoscopy!}

GI Doc: Well, let me just go ahead and do another rectal exam. Then I can confirm my thoughts on the size of the stricture since the barium enema X-ray doesn't align with what I felt.

Me: Ok, that sounds good.

GI Doc explains it all to Sawyer, then performs a second rectal exam on Sawyer, 26 hours after the first rectal exam.

GI Doc: Hmmmph. I'm completely baffled. I've never had this happen before, but what I felt yesterday isn't there now. It's impossible for this to disappear on its own, but, indeed, it's not there today. Hmmph. I just don't understand. I KNOW what I felt yesterday. {He looks at his hands with bewilderment!}

Me: {Thinking...NOTHING is impossible with God!}

GI Doc: So, Sawyer, I don't understand this, but it looks like nothing's wrong. So, if we can get you feeling 100%, you might be able to go home TONIGHT!

Sawyer: That sounds good.

Me: That sounds FANTASTIC!

GI Doc: Shakes head in disbelief, shakes my hand, and walks out.

Modern day miracles exist! They really do! Thank you, Jehovah Rapha!!!


It’s 8:21PM Wednesday night now and we’re still at the hospital, BUT we’ve been told to expect a discharge, so that’s what we’re believing!  I just love when God shows off. Smile



Sawyer was just discharged!  Here are a few snapshots of his discharge paperwork:

photo 3

photo 1

Note:  Small bowel obstruction-brief Smile

photo 4

HEALED by our mighty healing God, Jehovah Rapha!  Praise Him!!!

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