Monday, July 29, 2013

Surgeries and Hospital Visits

We got home Sunday evening from Chicago, spent some quality time with the kiddos, then hit the ground running Monday morning.


Selah had her ENT appointment to discuss her enlarged tonsils that seem to be the culprit of her severe sleep apnea. Her tonsils are a size 3 (0 being no tonsils and 4 being tonsils so large they actually touch each other).  The ENT is scheduling Selah for a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, ear tubes, and a sedated hearing exam (ABR).  With all of Selah’s brain malformations, she’s never had a hearing exam (we had a failed attempt at her ENT appointment).  Selah will not be able to have prescription pain medication following her surgery because she’s under age six and has severe sleep apnea.  I have a call in to Selah’s neurologist to discuss possible medications to help Selah with her pre-surgery anxiety (in the waiting room at the hospital), as well as post-op meds (Selah must spend the night in the hospital because she’s under age six and has severe sleep apnea).  It’s going to be ROUGH, to say the least, but hopefully this will fix Selah’s sleep apnea!!!


I returned home to discover that Sawyer was having extreme nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, different than his usual Crohn’s abdominal pain.  Sawyer had to get labs drawn Monday morning because his liver enzymes were increased during routine labs a week ago during his Remicade infusion treatment.  Sawyer was vomiting bile and couldn’t stop.  He vomited 20-30 times, with severe pain.  We notified his gastroenterologist, who advised us to go to the ER because of Sawyer’s high risk of intestinal obstruction since he has Crohn’s.


Sawyer was admitted to the hospital for observation because his tests and labs are inconclusive.  He has an extremely high white blood cell count, and his X-rays didn’t rule out intestinal obstruction, but his severe symptoms subsided (praise God!!!).  His abdominal pain decreased from a 6/7 to a 3/4, without pain meds.  He stopped vomiting after being given IV Phenergan.  However, the GI doctors want to see Sawyer in the morning and brainstorm and perhaps do more testing.


I’m grateful for each of our children, and feeling extremely blessed to be their mom, even when that means doctor’s visits, hospital stays, therapies, etc.  It is truly a privilege to meet the needs of my children as their mom.  My heart is grateful to be home and reunited with all my kiddos, even if I had to step away to spend the night at the hospital.  Each and every one of our children are worth it.  Thank you, Jesus!

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