Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pringles for Rowan


If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you’ve heard me speak about our special friend, Rowan, whom we adore.  He’s such an inspiration and a great blessing to our family.  Rowan has truly blessed our family in more ways than we can count (and so has his mom…and his sister, who designed our Boss Your Heart shirts!). 


Now we have a chance to bless Rowan!


Would you like to help?  It won’t even cost you any money, just a little time.


Rowan is allergic to everything except potatoes.  Seriously.  He receives 90% (or more) of his nutritional needs through a specialized non-allergenic formula that is fed to him via G-tube (a feeding tube inserted into his stomach). 


Rowan can eat potatoes and potato products via mouth, as well as a few hard candies, but that’s it.  Can you imagine how boring that diet would get?  Oh my!


Well, for a limited time, Pringles is selling Sea Salt and Pepper flavored chips.  Rowan LOVES these!!! 


Unfortunately, Rowan’s mom hasn’t been able to find these limited edition Sea Salt and Pepper Pringles in her area.  She already purchased all of the cans she found, and she’s checked her city and surrounding cities for more without success. 


If you’d like to bless Rowan, please search for these limited edition Sea Salt and Pepper Pringles in your area.  Wal-Mart carries these, but they usually stock them near the registers, not with the other chips.


If you find any cans of the limited edition Sea Salt and Pepper Pringles, please, please, please purchase all of the cans you find!  I will personally reimburse you for your expenses. 


You may mail them directly to me at PO Box 1708, Kyle, TX 78640, and I will personally deliver them to Rowan. 


When your shipment arrives, please include a copy of your receipt, along with your mailing address, and I will mail you a reimbursement check.


If you’d like to send Rowan a note of encouragement, that would be awesome, too!


Thanks so much for your help!!!

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