Friday, November 9, 2012

We’re a “Commercial” Family!

Okay, I’ve given up on “normal” residential soap and towel options for our home!!!


We have one main hand washing station where all of the littles wash before each meal, as well as each time their hands are just nasty.  That bathroom is always a mess.  Spilled soap all over the counters, towels stuffed into the sink (or toilet!), the towel rack pulled off the wall (multiple times), soap dispensers breaking regularly, you know, the stuff that goes with large family logistics.


I’ve discovered that “residential” products just aren’t meant to be used by large families!  We’re a “commercial” size family!!!


So, I’ve moved to commercial options for our powder bathroom!!!  Today we installed a commercial soap dispenser and “residential commercial” (whatever that means!) hand dryer!!!


photo 1

photo 3

The hand dryer simply plugs into an outlet.  It blows warm air and takes 45 seconds to thoroughly dry wet hands.


photo 4

The soap dispenser can either be installed by mounting it with screws to the wall or using the massively sticky tape that comes with it to adhere it to a smooth surface.  We opted for the tape option because this powder bath doesn’t have much wall space, and I didn’t want the infrared action picking up on toilet use and dispensing soap with each movement!!!


We’ll see how this works.  I purchased both on Amazon for really reasonable prices.  Hopefully this will solve our issues. 


PS  Will you please check out this link and pray for these children to find a forever family?  Share their story.  I know first-hand that these children CAN do well in a family, they really can.  In my opinion, having Down syndrome is an encouragement that even after years of neglect, abuse, and mistreatment, these children still have a good chance of transitioning to family life.  From what I’ve learned, most people with Down syndrome have some “extra love” on that extra chromosome, even after years and years and years of horrible treatment.  This isn’t always the case, but I’ve seen it first-hand.  I’m believing God has a special family for these three special kiddos.

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