Monday, November 19, 2012

God’s Provision

Whoa, are you serious?!?!


My very own iPad?!?!


From these nice people? 

Awwwww, these girls are so cute! 

And they sent this to me? 

Oh, not just to me, but to Conner and Cooper, too? 

Oh my goodness gracious, how sweet!!!!!!!



OK, let me see how this thing works.


Oh, wow, it’s a PIG!!!  I love pigs!



And a goat!  I can touch the goat!




Listen.  Goats say, “BAAAAAAAA!!!”  I can, too!  Listen to me!


No way, a CAT!!!  How does this thing know about all the animals I love and all the sounds I love to make?


Wow, this is the coolest gift ever!!!  I promise to share it with Cooper and Conner.  I’ll even show them how it works.  Please thank the generous, giving, kind family who sent this to us, okay?  And, Mommy, you’re right—God does always provide!  Thank you, Jesus!!!


Oh, and, Mommy, will you please ask all those awesome people out there what apps they recommend for me and my brothers?  I think we will need games for toddlers who like instant gratification.  You know, our attention span is about 5 seconds, so we like fast results.  And tell those people thanks in advance because they always have great advice.  Thanks!


And is there any way you can thank the people who make these games?  It’s really hard for my brain to make my finger touch the things I want to touch, but these games help my brain and my finger work together.  How do they do that?!?!  So awesome!

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