Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baltimore Peeps?

Selah, Mattie, Meribeth, and I are flying to Baltimore tomorrow.  Selah has an appointment Thursday with a pediatric ophthalmologist who focuses on neuro ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, then with a sleep specialist Friday, followed by the oh-so-exciting-cannot-believe-this-day-is-almost-here appointment with Dr. Ben Carson Friday afternoon.


I’ve been warned by several people that Baltimore isn’t a safe place to stroll around.  We’ll be renting a car and driving instead of walking.  We won’t have a lot of free time, which is good, but if we do end up having some free moments, does anyone have recommendations of what we could take Selah to do? 


Keeping Selah penned up in the hotel is going to be impossible.  It’s extra challenging to try to help Selah remain in control during doctor’s appointments and throughout waiting room stays, so we’re going to need to find a place to let Selah run around and play and climb and jump.  A safe place, of course.



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