Saturday, February 1, 2014

Video Snippets of the Littles

Here’s a short video of Cooper working hard with his home health physical therapist on our front porch.  He’s come so far in less than two years.  This boy had bilateral club foot and had never stood up, much less walked, the first six years of his life in Ukraine.  What a hero this little blessing is!  God never ceases to amaze me.  Praise Him for He hath done (and continues to do) great things!



And this video of Conner is THE BEST!  Conner knows and uses numerous ASL signs.  He is SO expressive when he signs words.  This is Conner’s newest ASL word—“deer”.  He ALWAYS makes this face when he signs “deer”.  Always.  Just precious.


Conner is doing so well after his pyloroplasty.  He has gained two full pounds in two weeks!  His appetite is increased, and he is holding food down better than he ever has.  We are grateful for your prayers and cannot thank God enough for all He has done (and continues to do) in Conner’s life.  This boy is such a blessing.  Hallelujah!



And these two little treasures have a ball playing rough together.  Kiefer loves having a little sis who loves to play the way the boys do!  Listen to Selah giggle at the beginning of this video, as she backs away from Kiefer.  Joyful noise, especially considering this little miracle wasn’t supposed to be alive, nor walk, nor talk. Oh my word.  My heart is overflowing.


There’s no doubt the blessings are abundant in and around our home!  Thank You, Jesus!

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