Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Model and a Wrestler

Y’all, Conner has the MOST PRECIOUS faces EVER!

photo (19)

He seriously entertains us All.  Day.  Long.  with his many faces.  Conner has most definitely figured out how to melt everyone’s heart by sharing his most amazing smile with us.  We’ve decided Conner would be an awesome model because he absolutely loves to charm us with his adorable, never-ending-yet-always-changing, perfect, model-status smiles.


And then there’s these two (see video below):



Cooper is not one to entertain us with his smiles, but he LOVES to wrestle with his brother, Kiefer.  He loves it so much that if Kiefer is within sight of Cooper, Cooper always makes a beeline to attack Kiefer.  He loves wrestling that much!  Perhaps there’s a wrestling career in Cooper’s future?!?!  The Von Erich brothers got nothing on ya, Cooper!


Both Cooper and Conner are an absolute delight.  They continue to bless us far greater than we could ever bless them.


Regardless of whether modeling or wrestling is in the future for these boys, we trust God has the ultimate plan for their lives.  We know it will be good, and we look forward to continuing to watch their beautiful lives be redeemed.  What an awesome God we serve!

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