Monday, January 6, 2014




The color of our fundraiser shirts.

The color of the blood Jesus shed for us.


The color of the invisible thread that ties our hearts to the precious girl in China we’re working desperately to adopt before she turns 14 in early March.


God has blessed our shirt fundraiser abundantly!  Thank you all for your generous support.  There are just 15 days left in this fundraiser, so please act quickly and continue to spread the word.


Click HERE to purchase your shirt today and help us raise the ransom for a precious 13-year-old girl in China who has Down syndrome. 


Also, a Facebook friend set up a Pampered Chef fundraiser on our behalf!  She’s donating her commissions to our adoption fund!  God’s provision is exceedingly, abundantly more than I can think to ask.


The Pampered Chef

Click HERE to purchase your Pampered Chef items today.  All items will ship directly to your home, as this is an online fundraiser show.


We would greatly appreciate your prayers for sweet Daphne, the 13-year-old girl in China who has Down syndrome.  If she’s not adopted before her 14th birthday in early March, she will age out and never be able to be adopted.  Ever.  Breaks my heart. 


Please pray often that our paperwork will not sit idle for one second, that every detail will be expedited at Godspeed, for His glory.  It’s going to take a miracle, but our God is in that business.  Show us Your glory, Lord!

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