Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Here’s a long overdue update on the home front.


So much to update.  So little time.


Our Boss Your Heart shirt fundraiser is going well.  Just 7 days left.  God has already used this shirt to raise $2523 toward our adoption fund.  Thank you for your support!  I seriously can’t wait till Valentine’s Day so I can see pictures of people around the USA wearing their shirts like a boss, reminding the world to BOSS their hearts!!!


Click HERE to purchase your shirt.  These won’t be available after January 20, 2014.  Hurry!

The unisex shirts are heathered red.  They’re a beautiful bright red with heather gray running throughout.  We believe the youth, long-sleeved, and sweatshirts are solid fire engine red without any gray heathering, just FYI.


We continue to pursue the adoption of the aging out 13-year-old girl in China who has Down syndrome.  We are working fast and furious on all requirements.  We are stuck right now awaiting the results of the Texas FBI fingerprint clearances.  Texas requires every household member age 14 and older be fingerprinted, so there are six of us who had our prints taken.  It’s the last step of the Texas side of this adoption.  Then we will submit our Hague-approved home study to the out-of-state agency that has the girl’s file.  They will expedite everything (just as our Texas agency has done) with hopes of getting everything completed before early March, 2014.  It will be a miracle, but our God excels in that business.  Pray, pray, pray for Godspeed on every document and every step of the process.  I look forward to seeing Him show off.


Conner had surgery yesterday at our local children’s hospital.  


After almost two years of reflux and gastroparesis testing and management, Conner’s amazing specialists decided to try a fairly rare procedure called a pyloroplasty.

photo 5

The pediatric general surgeon was able to laparoscopically perform surgery on the pyloris, making it larger to help stomach contents empty more easily.  (OR nurses, please note the heart shaped gauze pads.  What a fun surprise!  Love those!) Smile

photo 4

Conner ROCKED the surgery!  The photo collage below was taken the morning after his surgery, which requires a 3-5 day in-patient recovery.

photo 3

Conner has only needed minimal pain meds.  He’s recovering like a boss, showing the other patients what tough is!

photo 1

Watching Barney on the iPad and chillin’.

photo 2

Oh, and if your child is ever placed in a caged crib and enjoys lying flat on his/her back, try setting the iPad over the clear top of the crib.  Perfect for watching movies on your back!


Conner isn’t allowed to eat or drink anything for a minimum of 3 days (he’s on IV fluids to stay hydrated).  He has a suction NG tube to eliminate all stomach acid and fluids, as nothing is allowed to pass through the surgery cite at the pyloris just yet. 


Once Conner is cleared to drink and eat again, special monitoring will be done to assess how his stomach is functioning, eliminating foods, etc.  Please pray for a speedy and successful recovery!


Thanks again for your prayers and support.  We are grateful.


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The Pampered Chef

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