Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Value of One

Shortly after our precious daughter, Chrissie, went to live with Jesus, someone mentioned how much more we could have done for all humanity with the amount of money we spent on Chrissie’s adoption, medical care, and funeral expenses.


I was shocked to the core by this type of thinking. 


Every single life is precious.


There’s not any value that could ever be placed upon human life, whether it be ONE life or many lives, every single life is valued and worth it.


Jesus modeled this.  While He could have ignored the the ONE woman at the well, He chose to minister to her, as her life was precious to Him, regardless of how unclean she was, regardless of what she had to offer the world.  Simply because she was created by our Father, Jesus knew her ONE life was worthy of pouring into. 


No strings attached. 


No analysis of how her one life would affect all of humanity. 


No contemplation of whether or not Jesus would have a greater impact if He chose to ignore the woman in order to pour into the masses. 


Jesus modeled something at the well we need to always remember:  never ignore a single life, as every single life is precious.  Never let another person tell you who you should or should not pour into.  Every single life is precious in His sight.  Not one person is too great a loss nor too big a mess for the love of Jesus.


And let’s not forget the Good Samaritan and what lesson Jesus wanted us to learn there.  The power of pouring into one life.  Nuff said.


And let us not forget to turn the table and realize that to the world, you may only be ONE person…BUT, to ONE person, you may be the world!


YOU, just ONE person, has the ability to make a difference.  Yes, little ole YOU!  You CAN make a difference, even if it’s only ONE life you pour into.  ONE LIFE is worth it.  Jesus modeled that.  Let us model it as well.


The power of One.  The power of one.  Never underestimate the power of ONE.


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