Monday, November 11, 2013

18 Months of Redemption

We spoke at our church yesterday, in honor of National Adoption Month.  God did an amazing work, for His glory, opening eyes, hearts, and maybe even homes simply because He gave us the opportunity to share the testimony He’s writing in our lives.  To God be all the glory!


We are all orphans until we receive Christ as our Savior.  He redeems each of our lives, removing the old, replacing it with a beautiful new creation, for His glory. 


We’ve witnessed earthly redemption with several of the children we’ve adopted.  They’re a continuous reminder to us of how God has done the same thing for us, for we were once orphans, too.  He chose to adopt us and redeem us.  We are grateful there are no orphans of God!


Please watch the video below that chronicles the redemption of Cooper, with a photo montage of his first 18 months in our family.  God has done, and continues to do, a mighty work in Cooper’s life, as well as in our lives.  We are blessed to witness Cooper’s amazing progress and call him our son.


Happy National Adoption Month!  Boss your heart and care for orphans!  Click HERE to purchase your Boss Your Heart fundraiser shirt today.  Thanks for your support!


Click HERE to watch video if it doesn’t load.

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