Monday, August 5, 2013

Another Hospital Procedure Today

Conner is having a hospital procedure done today.  As you know, Conner has had SEVERE reflux (vomiting 20-40 times/day) since we met him in Ukraine in January 2012.  Nothing we’ve done has been able to cure Conner’s reflux.  No diet changes, no medications, nothing has made a difference, and, believe me, we’ve tried everything available as a typical cure.


Conner even did a 24-hour overnight hospitalization specifically to test for specific causes of his reflux.  The results of this in-depth study show gastroparesis (among other things), which basically means the stomach is unable to empty the contents through digestion like a typical stomach would.


We’ve tried multiple medications for gastroparesis, with no luck.  So, today Conner will have stomach Botox injections for gastroparesis, with hopes of reducing vomiting.  Oh how we pray this procedure will help reduce the amount and severity of Conner’s reflux.


And, for your Monday enjoyment, I wanted to share some videos of Conner and Cooper taken Friday (Conner’s birthday).  Enjoy!




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