Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday, Coopie!

Happy 8th birthday, Cooper Immanuel Patterson!

We LOVE and ADORE you!

Cooper Birthday

It’s mind boggling to witness how much Cooper has changed since he arrived home just 15 months ago on March 3, 2012.


Click HERE to read last year’s birthday post and see photos from his first 3 months home.  And look at Cooper today:



Isn’t he just precious?!?!  Now, just a year after Cooper’s 7th b-day post was written, Cooper is walking, jumping into the pool, using sign language, and he looks like such a BIG BOY, not a malnourished toddler.  And—get this—he is now POTTY TRAINED!!!!  Just took a few days of no school (so we could have him home 24/7 to focus on potty training) and wearing nothing but underwear, but Cooper is actually using the toilet consistently.  He’s also communicating his need to use the restroom by getting his picture schedule, opening it to the picture of the toilet, and showing us he wants to use the restroom.  This is such huge progress!  Glory to God!!!


Enjoy the videos of Cooper below—we absolutely love and adore him!



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